So you're traveling to


Here are a few things that you will need to know

Toe the Line

Stand at a crossroads in Germany and you may notice something strange. Germans will never cross the road when the light is red even when there is not a car in sight.You should do the same or suffer the locals' disapproval.

Water is On Tap

You may be used to waiters keeping your glass top-full with tapwater, but don’t expect this in Germany. Most restaurants don’t serve tap water. They only serve bottled water, and no, it isn’t free.

Also somewhat counter-intuitively, seltzer water is called “classic water,” So be careful when ordering.

How are you, really?

Be cautious when asking a German “how are you,” or “Wie Geht’s.” In Germany, the question is taken literally. If they are not doing “fine,” they will tell you why, in excrutiating detail. But, If you are actually looking for an honest answer to “how are you” then you will be in heaven.